The road to the action sport agency.

From the beginnings to the present day, and into the future.

Kurt Seidl Sr. was the first to get a real taste for sailing. His sons Kurt and Ernst then followed in his footsteps, with considerable success. The two brothers started at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, in the Flying Dutchman Class. That same year, Kurt Seidl Jr. opened up a small sailing shop on the premises that remain the centre of the company to this day.

Sailing was very much the focus of the company in those early years, of course. But word soon got around, and the first windsurfers soon started to show an interest. Before long, they were coming into the shop, asking for a very new kind of equipment. The company expanded, and its product range with it. They were soon offering everything from boating accessories to windsurfing equipment.

Ten years later, they had added snowboards, kiteboards and skateboards to the list. That decade of expansion had also seen a third member of the Seidl dynasty, Michi Seidl, come on board. Michi later acquired worldwide fame thanks to his professional sailing career and Tornado European Championship title. Four years later, Berni Seidl came onto the sporting scene. His thing was windsurfing, and he rose to become a world cup windsurfer, good enough to change the shape of the entire scene, in and out of the water. Since 2003, the Seidl brothers have been running the firm together, and their influence has had a profound impact on the image of the organisation. The shop has expanded further still, and the range of products extended. The agencies Reecom and Kullu Products, which are responsible for the sale of brands including Volcom, Reef, Nikita, Es, Etnies, Picture and others in Austria, have now leased space on the first floor.

The ̒trendsetters with a tradition', probably the best way to describe Seidl Boards & Fashion GmbH nowadays, have always had a sharp eye for tomorrow’s big thing in the worlds of skiing, boards and the fashions that surround action sports. And now they’re taking all this a step further.

On 1 January 2013, a new chapter in the history of the successful firm begins, when Seidl Boardshop becomes ASA - Actionsportagency, and begins representing actionsports and sports brands professionally in German˗speaking countries. Because the word ~Seidl~ isn’t just used in Salzburg’s specialist circles. Its sporting successes mean it’s an internationally recognized name. So do your own brand a favour, and profit from this image.

The shop premises are being converted into showrooms and from now on 3 agencies with lot's of attractive brands lease the object.

The Seidl sail loft remains unchanged at the same location. Entrance: Bergerbräuhofstrasse 21a